When my mother, who was living alone, wanted to remain at home in Wellesley during her final illness, PNPS made it possible. She was a very private person, and opening her home to others was not easy, but the Aides were quickly able to put her at ease. They helped her feel comfortable and in control, and helped my family through a very tough time. I’d highly recommend PNPS to anyone looking for compassionate and professional at-home caregivers.

Beth Hegberg (Mendham, NJ) April 12, 2017

“To all you wonderful people, owners, staff and aides at Professional Nursing, how can I just say ‘Thank You’ for all you did for us? You and your aides went above and beyond to cover hours without hesitation. Your incredible aides couldn’t have been more devoted, caring and loving to my husband – they are Family. Please accept my sincere appreciation, for everything you did for us and extend my “thanks” to your aides one and all.”

The Silverstein Family (Framingham, MA) March 31, 2017

“I want to thank you for providing such good people and wonderful care for my dad as his time was coming to an end. You all made a very difficult time easier to deal with. It was very good of you to stop in and introduce yourself and continuously check on us. It reinforced the feeling of caring that I got from speaking to you over the phone.”

The Bortolotti Family (Wellesley, MA) March 19, 2015

“Despite a very difficult situation, PNPS caregivers made sure mom was safe!”

Linda Owens (Harwich, MA) March 19, 2015

“All the PNPS staff we interacted with really gave us a sense of trust. It was so nice to finally feel comfortable when we left, that my mom was going to be with someone just like a family member.”

Bob Owens (Harwich, MA) March 19, 2015

“I want to thank Professional Nursing Placement Services for stepping in and helping me when I needed it most. I was impressed by the company from the outset, when Mari-Jo and Justin both came out for our introductory meeting. I also appreciate the weekly follow up calls to see how things were going for us, once my mom became a client. It made me feel like I wasn’t so alone during this difficult time. The aide was a perfect match for my mother. She would arrive on time with a smile and a kind word. She was sweet and kind and tended to her needs all night. The caregiver also gave me good advice about the day-to-day care for my mom that helped me to keep her as comfortable as possible. I have to say that not only do you run a professional company, but you also care personally about each client which makes your company very special.”

Audry Kerber (Southborough, MA) March 19, 2015

“We were very happy to have PNPS Home Care at the most important and sad time of our lives. I would recommend PNPS Home Care to anyone.”

Rena Finder (Framingham, MA) March 19, 2015

“The PNPS Home Health Aide was a wonderful caregiver for my mother. Prior to PNPS, my mother was unaccepting of someone coming to her home. PNPS provided such a good experience.”

The Phipps Family (Hopkinton, MA) March 19, 2015

“Our Home Health Aide is a wonderful caregiver. She does my mother’s nails every Saturday. My mother looks forward to her coming and this personalized attention.”

The Wos Family (Sudbury, MA) March 19, 2015

“My 87 year-old mother suffered from a progressive mental and physical deterioration due to Parkinsons disease. PNPS provided caregivers for my mother 11 hours a day for 18 months until her recent death. We had employed many caretakers through several other agencies during the preceding year. Once we experienced the professionalism and caring of PNPS personnel, we never used anyone else. The interpersonal skills and the gentle, caring attention PNPS caretakers gave my mother an improved quality of life.”

Karen Iverson (Lexington, MA) March 19, 2015

“As a person who had to rely on others for the past 25 years due to my spinal cord injury, I know the necessity of dependable, knowledgeable caregivers. PNPS has consistently provided me with such people.”

Michael Ferriter (Westborough, MA) March 19, 2015